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Why choose us for your pressure washing services?

G H Pressure Wash is a professional business, with highly skilled staff, offering a friendly service at a reasonable price. We are fully insured; and risk assessments and method statements are available on request.

The services we offer include soft washing, pressure washing, brushing, re-sanding and weed spraying, on both domestic and commercial properties. We realise that each property is unique and can require different levels of attention. G H Pressure Wash, has the skills and knowledge, to ensure that your property gets the right treatment.


GH Pressure wash are COSH certified (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and have level 2 Principles of safe handling and application of pesticides.

Domestic and Commercial Building Cleaning

A good first impression makes such a difference! If it is your own home and the outside of the property is in good condition, it makes you feel proud and want to have visitors round. If you are selling your property, then it is imperative that the outside looks great, to get people through the door. Equally if you have a business premises, potential clients will question the success of your business activities if your shop looks like it has never had any care or attention.

Driveway Cleaning

As we know, over time weeds and moss can start to grow between the gaps in the stones on the driveway, which can completely change the appearance of your driveway, making it look extremely untidy and grubby.

We recognise that first impressions are what count; therefore the front of your house and its driveway need to be clean. We are able to clean flagstones, tarmac, Indian sandstone and mono blocks, to name a few.

G H Pressure Wash uses a flat surface cleaner; this has a rotary wash head which cleans and removes the weeds and moss, and any surface dirt, including lichen and black spot.

After the driveway has been cleaned, a soft wash solution may be applied to the surface, which will prevent any unwanted growth returning, giving it a longer lasting clean. Special care is taken to ensure no harm comes to your property.

Once the soft wash is complete and the surface is dry, we advise that the driveway be re-sanded with kiln-dried sand; this procedure is carried out on brick driveways to prevent the bricks from moving around. This process will be carried out on a separate day.

Patio Cleaning

Are you fed up of looking at your grubby patio? Is it making your garden look dull and dirty? Then we have answer!

G H Pressure Wash, carries out a similar procedure on patios as it does on driveways, using the flat surface cleaner to remove weeds, moss and surface dirt. The soft washing procedure is optional depending on the severity of the growth of the weeds and moss. Only brick work will need re-sanding; if your patio is made up of any other material, this final step won’t be necessary.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Is the outside of your house or office building looking tired, rundown or old, and desperate for some attention? G H Pressure Wash can give it all the attention that it needs! We work with domestic and commercial properties, specialising in making your property look as good as new. When cleaning your property, we will use a combination of soft washing, pressuring washing and brushing, depending on the building materials and the level of cleaning required.

Render Cleaning

Are algae, moss and pollution making the outside of your building look filthy? G H Pressure Wash can perform transformations to the outside of your building, like you couldn’t imagine! We use a combination of soft washing, pressuring washing and brushing, depending on the level of cleaning required.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is an excellent alternative to pressure washing. We use soft washing chemicals to gently restore surfaces without damaging pointing. This method is a great way of cleaning rendered walls, cladding and most stone work.

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